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Beauty, durability and versatility – just a stone’s throw away

From the swirls of natural marble, to the mineral formed shapes of granite, or the modernist form of quartz, solid stone work surfaces have long been admired as the crème de la crème of any high quality kitchen or bathroom.

So why has it developed such a reputation – and more importantly, does it live up to its name?

When explaining the benefits of stone work surfaces to your customers, remember there are three main advantages which put them above and beyond alternative materials, and they are beauty, durability and versatility. Let me explain.


Granite is probably the most notable of the stones when it comes to beauty, with no two pieces ever being the same. Its shapes and colours are formed over thousands of years as minerals dissolve into its liquid form and with over 15 colours to choose from, homeowners often aspire to own their very own piece of natural history as a focal point in their forever home.

Marble offers clouds and swirls which can give a more subtle look, whilst Quartz offers complete uniformity of colour and pattern just perfect for the ultra-modern look.

Stone work surfaces are often considered a traditional design choice, but with the popularity of natural materials firmly back on the interior design radar, many showrooms are showcasing their stone offering across a wide cross-section of design themes.


It is no secret that some stone work surfaces require maintenance in the form of periodic sealants or treatments. And this puts some homeowners off right?

Stone surfaces are well known for lasting far longer than a laminate or wooden alternative, maintaining its unaltered appearance for the life of the kitchen or bathroom are carefully explaining the durability advantages of these materials, compared to the minimal time and cost commitments of the ongoing treatment processes, more often than not puts minds at ease.



Gone are the days where work surfaces remain at waist height with square uniform edges. Modern kitchen and bathroom designs lend themselves to sweeping curves, seamless splash backs and alternative styling such as breakfast bars that bend at the edge and travel vertically to the floor. Achieving these looks with stone is easier than you think, so go on – push the boundaries of design in your showroom and really showcase what these materials can do.

Whether it’s cutting grooves for sink drainage, or shaping the surface to fit a jaunty corner, there are very few alternative materials which are capable of offering such versatility in design than stone.

So next time you have a customer looking for the ultimate work surface – it simply has to be stone.

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