A truly contemporary choice, Staron has limitless possibilities when it comes to creating stunningly beautiful solid worksurfaces for a whole host of applications.

Perfect for bringing creative concepts to life, and for unlocking the potential in every kitchen and bathroom, Staron can be moulded to fit tight areas or sculpted into dramatic curves and exciting shapes.  Ideal for cut-outs, grooves, carving and inlays, Staron can also be cut and seamlessly joined, enabling you to adapt it to your own requirements.

With one of the widest colour choices of any solid surface option, Staron can also be sanded or polished, giving a number of possible finishes from matte to high gloss.   For breathtaking visual impact Staron can also be backlit, highlighting its high quality feel and its smooth, translucent properties.

Created by Samsung, a world leader in technology, innovation and style, Staron has been designed to last the distance and provides a robust surface which is easy to maintain.  Waterproof and stain resistant, Staron will not bleach or fade in sunlight; and a 10-year warranty guarantees its performance well into the future.

Download one of the brochures below to find out more about Staron, including specification choices, accessories, and further information on care and maintenance.   To discuss your requirements with a member of the experienced and friendly Whitehall team, simply make an enquiry today.

Staron Brochures and Guides

Staron Architectural Manual
Staron for Creative Work
Staron for Education
Staron for Health Care
Staron for Offices
Staron for Restaurants
Staron for Shops
Staron for Wall Covering
Staron in Bathrooms
Staron in Hotels
Staron in Kitchens
Staron Surface Care and Maintenance Guide

Please remember to read our Installation Guidelines and Warranty.

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