Kitchen design trends 2021 for UK homes

Kitchen design trends for 2021

Most of us have spent way more time in our homes than we thought possible this year. Adjusting to lockdowns, working from home, and limited social lives have prompted many of us to consider the things we’d change or improve in our homes.

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many households. Meals are prepared and shared, work is done, and people come and go all day. Modern kitchens need to be multipurpose rooms. They must be practical and easily cleaned, but welcoming and personal to our tastes too.

Kitchen design trends emerge in response to our everyday lives and consumer demand. New ideas and trends in modern home living make daily tasks easier and help people put their own stamp on their home décor.

Coming to the end of the year (a year we want to make a clean break from!) lots of people are thinking of the home improvement projects they’d like to tackle in the new year. In the spirit of this, we’ve looked at some of the top kitchen design trends for 2021.

Utility and organisation

The more time you spend in a space, the more mess and disorganisation begins to get on your nerves. The first lockdown saw the nation frantically sorting and reorganising their homes to pass the time. It’s a therapeutic task – having minimal clutter and a place for everything is calming.

It’s no surprise that this trend has crept into kitchen design. Cupboard organisers, shelf tidies and door organisers are a kitchen unit staple now.  Slide-out larders and prep stations are handy inventions that help make meal preparation easier, even in smaller kitchens.


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Wall-mounted storage

Having your kitchen set up with cooking essentials – knives, utensils, pans, spices, and oils – within reach of your hob, makes home cooking easier (and more appealing). Displaying kitchen kit on hooks, racks, and shelves around your stove and above your worktops is practical and stylish.

Many homeowners are looking for ways to be more sustainable in the kitchen. Refill jars are increasingly popular and look nice on display. As people move away from unsightly packaging, open plan storage is remerging as a popular feature.

Kitchen trolleys

Not every home has enough room for a kitchen island, but they are hugely useful. Kitchen trolleys are a great alternative and have wheels so you can move them to exactly where you need them. With more of these in shops, there are kitchen trolleys to suit every budget.


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Cutaway islands

Homes with kitchen islands are making them more versatile. While solid island units create a bold feature, open shelves in a kitchen island provide much needed storage. These units allow you to display items like cookbooks, wine, fruit bowls and jarred produce. Cutaway islands provide space for island seating, and extra home working space is something highly sought after this year!

Bench seating

Given kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the home, bench seating is a way to make use of every corner of space. Bench table seating is a place for people to grab a bite to eat, or kids to do their homework. It makes a kitchen homely and welcoming. Soft furnished benches allow you to dress a room with the fabric and cushions of your choice.

Terrazzo finish

Terrazzo is a traditional type of flooring made from exposed marble chips within concrete or resin. It dates to the 1920s, where it was used in large, grand public buildings.

Terrazzo-style surface materials and products have made a comeback in recent years, within contemporary schemes and vintage inspired designs. Designers are using the flecked appearance of Terrazzo and teaming it with bright, modern colour palettes to make a statement.


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Bright colour

Last year was all about the dark tones (charcoal, evergreen, and rich navy). Kitchen design trends will lean toward brighter and more playful colours in 2021. Pops of colour are a great way to lift your kitchen and make it feel brighter and livelier. Bright colour adds personality and energy into a room. Let’s face it, we could all use a dash of cheerfulness after the year we’ve had!

Pendant lighting

Every room is lifted with the addition of pendant lighting. In the kitchen, pendant lighting has the bonus of spotlighting practical areas like preparation surfaces, breakfast bars and kitchen tables. For those not in a position to remodel their whole kitchen, adding feature lighting it a great way to lift a room.

Have you been inspired by these trends? Talk to our experts about creating a solid surface for your next kitchen design project.


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