The top benefits of a solid surface worktop in 2021

Benefits of Solid Surface Worktops in 2021

Solid surface worktops made of materials such as Corian® have been popular with homeowners for decades. The finish of a solid surface provides the elegance of natural stone materials such as marble and granite, but synthetic solid surfaces are easier to clean and maintain.

Solid surface worktops remain an ideal choice for homes in 2021. See the main benefits and reasons to pick solid surfaces within a kitchen or bathroom design.

Stain resistance

Solid surface worktops are non-porous and don’t absorb liquids and spills. They are easily wiped clean and won’t stain, even with liquids like wine or oil. Cleaning a solid surface is simple and involves gentle wiping with a low abrasive cloth and surface cleaner.


Surfaces which are non-porous and built with seamless joins are more hygienic. There are no crevices of surface textures for bacteria and germs to harbour. Once wiped clean, you can be sure dangerous bacteria is gone. Solid surfaces are so hygienic they are used in labs and hospitals.


Made from a mixture of natural stone and synthetic materials, solid surface materials such as Corian® are built to be extremely hardwearing. They are resistant to scratches and rarely crack, aside from when direct heat is applied, for instance, a hot pan.


In the rare instance a solid surface does scratch or crack, it can be repaired by an engineer who cuts out and replaces the damaged segment. A new piece is added which blends seamlessly with the rest of the surface. You can see how Corian repairs are done in this blog.


A kitchen should have a practical layout that optimises space. Worktops are a huge part of this. Solid surfaces are completely bespoke, designed and built from detailed plans and templates. It’s easy to make the most of every inch with features like breakfast bars, shelving, splashbacks, and islands.


Home design is extremely personal. People want to see a variety of options and pick which most closely fits with their taste and design scheme. Corian and other solid surface materials come in hundreds of colours, styles, finishes, and tones. The result is entirely up to you.

Talk to our experts about creating a solid surface for your next kitchen design project.

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