Why Corian is the surface choice for hygiene

Corian® is relied upon for the level of hygiene it provides when properly cleaned and maintained. Materials such as Corian® are used within medical settings and laboratories. Corian® is one of the few surface materials that meets the required standard of bacteria resistance and durability.

Customers favour Corian® worktops in domestic kitchens because of their resistance to stains and everyday hygiene. They are easy to keep clean and don’t tarnish over time.


So, why is Corian® the solid surface choice for hygiene? What makes Corian® resilient to germs?

There are a few main properties of solid surface materials such as Corian® which make them durable and hygienic. We’ve listed them below:

1. Non-porous

The non-porous, completely solid make-up of synthetic surfaces like Corian® means that bacteria sits on top of the surface, making it easy to remove. The impermeable structure of Corian® prevents stains and substances from absorbing into the surface.

2. Resistant to marks and scratches (and repairable)

The strength of Corian® makes is resistant to most cracks, marks, and scratches. Marks and cuts to a surface can collect bacteria if left untreated. Corian® is unlikely to be damaged by regular use, and when accidents do happen, it’s completely repairable.

3. Seamless joins

The process of fabricating a Corian® worktop involves joining the edges with a material-matched synthetic glue. When the glue is set, it’s sanded over to create a seamless, impermeable join. There’s no need for sealant and there are no gaps left to harbour dirt and grime.

4. Suited to regular disinfection

Corian® worktops are designed to be wiped down and disinfected regularly, removing bacteria from the surface. Mildly abrasive disinfecting cleaning products can be used. If heavy duty cleaning products are rinsed away afterwards, they won’t damage the surface finish.

Find out more about safely cleaning a Corian® worktop in this blog: Caring for a Corian surface.

5. Synthetic over natural

Many people prefer the look and feel of natural materials like stone and wood for surfaces. However, the natural makeup of these materials means their structure is porous. Over time, they tarnish, compromising the strength and cleanliness.

Corian® is made up of 1/3 acrylic resin and 2/3 natural minerals. The combination gives the materials its strength and non-porous structure. Corian® surfaces do not support the growth of bacteria and fungi in any settings.

Corian® – the choice for hygiene in hospitals

The features listed above make Corian® the hygienic choice for hospitals. When building surfaces and sink units, Corian® provides finished products that are easily kept clean and sterile. They are durable and stand up to heavy use and cleaning every day.

We were proud to supply 153 of these units for an NHS Nightingale hospital. The solid surface vanity units can be disinfected easily and regularly, removing bacteria from the surface.

Do you need hygienic surfaces for a project? Talk to us about Corian® surfaces to fit your brief.

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