How to create compact kitchens with clever surface design

It’s no secret that Britain is currently undergoing a housing crisis and, as a result of this, the size of newly-built properties has been steadily decreasing. Houses in the UK are now the smallest by floor area in Europe and developers are increasingly required to create functional homes from less and less space.

The kitchen is the hub of most homes and takes on much of the wear and tear of daily life. As such, designers are always looking for new ways to create practical, attractive kitchens with smaller dimensions.

Combining durability and style, synthetic solid surfaces like Corian, Staron and Krion, are ideally suited to compact kitchens. Here’s why they are so adaptable:

1. Solid surfaces can be shaped to fit any space

Solid surfaces can be cut, shaped and moulded to fit any area and their unique thermoformability allows you to create curved shapes from solid sheets. This flexibility means that your surfaces can be built to fit angles and bends that may otherwise restrict your design, helping you get the best from your space.


2. Seamlessly blend your features together

Without the luxury of excess open floor space, compact kitchens can feel crammed in together. A cohesive solid work surface that includes features like draining grooves, splash-backs and chopping boards, helps to give the illusion of added room by minimising the need for extra appliances.

3. Bypass the need for additional furniture

Modern kitchens are multipurpose spaces where people eat, work and socialise, and there’s no reason why compact kitchens should have to be any different.

Where there might not be room for dining furniture or extra storage units, solid surfaces make it easy for you to design compact, in-built features like end tables, shelves and breakfast bars that fit seamlessly within your design.


4. Create durable surfaces that withstand heavy usage

Over time, our kitchen counters take a beating. And in smaller kitchens, this daily use is concentrated over less surface area, increasing its impact.

Solid surfaces are impermeable to almost all stains and are incredibly difficult to scratch or crack, making them both practical and incredibly durable. Not only that, but surfaces installed by trusted fabricators will come with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for up to ten years.

5. Sleek and contemporary finish

The key to making smaller spaces feel bigger is using bright, light-reflecting tones and minimal clutter. Materials like wood or granite may be traditional, but they can dominate a space.

Solid surfaces, on the other hand, are available in a huge range finishes to help you create something that complements the surroundings perfectly. From sleek to minimalist, there will be a surface that helps your compact kitchen design shine.

Do you have a compact kitchen project coming up? Talk to our experts about creating a contemporary solid surface for your next kitchen design.

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