Can you spot this Corian® kitchen work surface repair?

As the UK’s leading solid surface fabricators, our work doesn’t stop at the shop floor and we make sure our quality standards are maintained wherever our surfaces are installed.

Every solid surface installed by our installation team comes with up to 10 years manufacturer’s warranty, meaning we are occasionally called-upon to carry out repairs – be that for a client or a client’s customer.

Recently, Whitehall fitter John Norton was tasked with repairing a Corian® kitchen surface that had been installed several years previously.

Corian® surfaces are, for the most part, almost impossible to damage. They are non-porous and impermeable to stains, as well as being very difficult to scratch without huge amounts of force. However, this particular surface had suffered heat damage.

A hot metal pan had been left directly on top of the draining board, causing a hairline crack. Although the surface was still usable, left as it was, the crack would gather dirt and could cause further damage to the surface’s structure over time.


Here’s how John got to work on the repair:

  1. He cut out the whole drainer section out of the work surface
  2. He replaced it with a new section of Corian® (we always leave a colour matched piece of raw surface at the site in case of situations just like this!)
  3. He sanded it smoothly and seamlessly into the existing surface
  4. New draining grooves were added
  5. Repair complete!



The whole process took half a day and was carried out on site, avoiding further delays. Left in the hands of a skilled fitter like John – who knows the material inside out – the repaired surface looks as good as new.

It’s this repairability that makes Corian® surfaces such a fantastic long-term investment. You can expect to have a surface that outlives the rest of your kitchen!

Want unrivalled surface fabrication for your next kitchen installation? Talk to our experts about Corian® solid surfaces.

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