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Dupont Corian: In Perfect Health

With a wide range of colours and patterns, not to mention a series of curves, inlays, sinks, upstands, break fronts and window reveals which can all be integrated into one seamless worktop, DuPont Corian offers the ultimate design flexibility, suitable for any commercial sector.

However, Corian is also hygienic and durable. The satin-like finish is highly resistant to stains, scratches can be easily removed, and cleaning is quick and easy. All of this makes it the ideal worksurface for the healthcare sector, where hygiene is the number one priority to prevent the spread of infection.

Here are four top reasons why Corian is the number one choice for healthcare:


A completely solid surface that does not support microbial growth when properly cleaned, the joints and seams also form a molecular bond to make sure there are no cracks or voids for dirt to infiltrate. Corian provides the ultimate in worksurface hygiene to meet the high standards required for healthcare environments.

Easy cleaning

It is also incredibly easy to clean because of the smooth, non-porous surface, so staff can ensure disinfection and decontamination to help reduce cross-contamination risks that can lead to the spread of hospital acquired infections.


Corian requires little maintenance and can be easily renewed so it will still look and perform like it is a new surface after many years of use. Other materials will often need to replaced in that time.

Design flexibility

Completely bespoke and fabricated by Whitehall’s highly skilled craftsmen, Corian offers a limitless array of shapes and sizes, can be used vertically or horizontally and comes in a palette of 100 colours. It can be used for reception counters, patient bathrooms, operating room walls, food serving and preparation counters and even laboratories. It really is a one-stop solution for healthcare facilities.

Sound good? In addition to that if Whitehall manufacture and install the countertops the end user/client will receive a full 10 year DuPont warranty. Something that not all fabricators can offer!

To find out more about the benefits of Corian for the healthcare sector call us on 0113 222 3000.

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