Exploring the art of thermoforming

As an industry-leading fabricator and installer of luxury work surfaces, we work with the highest standard work surface materials around.

From solid surfaces to natural stone, we carefully select the materials that we work with to ensure that our customers receive nothing but beautifully-crafted, practically perfect and bespoke solutions.

Working with such a wide range of materials involves several things. As well as an eye for detail and quality, we require a highly-experienced and highly-trained team who inherently understand the properties of the materials they’re working with.

It also involves knowing how best to handle the materials we’re using, depending on their individual properties and end use. Take Corian®, for instance, one of the key features that distinguishes it from other materials is its ability to be heated and reshaped.

It’s a process that we refer to in the industry as thermoforming and something that our fabricators use all of the time when installing Corian®.


What does thermoforming involve?

We use thermoforming to heat Corian® up to the optimum temperature – usually around 150ºC – then we shape and reset it while it’s in this highly malleable state.

It’s the secret to how fabricators create curves, bends and rounded edges. More importantly, it’s how we’re able to create completely solid curved edges that stand the test of time, no matter how elaborate the design at hand might be.


Why do we use thermoforming?

Aside from producing truly standout projects that aren’t just highly functional, but have the wow factor, thermoforming enables us to push the design boundaries with highly imaginative and creative 2D and 3D designs. Furthermore, it enables us to make what might at first seem impossible, possible. There really is no limit to the creative shapes that can be achieved.

To see the art of thermoforming in practice for yourself, take a look at these short videos of our team thermoforming a length of Corian® and placing it to set. We’re sure you’ll agree, the boundaries of what it can be used to achieve are endless….


Want to find out more about how we use thermoforming or discuss your requirements with us? Contact us on 0113 222 3000 or complete the short form.

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