Corian surfaces for style

Offer your customers the combination of complete flexibility and unrivalled quality with Corian® surface fabrications

When you’re trying to juggle the demands of the customer with the restrictions of an interior space, it can be difficult to find a surface fabrication that meets all the requirements without having to compromise.

Corian® solid surfaces offer complete adaptability, enabling you to create the ideal work surface for your design. Corian® is the only choice for balancing practicality with aesthetic appeal. Here’s why:


Corian® is available in a huge range of colours and patterns, from natural and earthy blends right through to modern block colours.

The ability to engrave your Corian® surface means it can be further utilised as a part of your space. Add a built in sink and draining board to your kitchen design, or feature an engraved soap bowl into the side of a bathroom sink.


Using thermoform heating technology, we mould and shape your Corian® surface to fit your design specification down the last millimetre. The result is a completely unique, custom built surface which blends perfectly into its surroundings.

corian surfaces

Durable and hygienic

The satin like finish of Corian® is highly resistant to stains, and cleaning is simple. The solid surface is difficult to damage, but scratches can be easily removed.

Whitehall is a proud member of the Dupont Quality Network.  Therefore, all Corian® worktops fabricated and installed by our expert technical teams are subject to a 10 year Limited Installed Warranty from Dupont.

Stunning effect

Corian® gives you the ability to create show-stopping work surfaces to transform your designs. Your surface can become the centrepiece of your interior, or blend in perfectly to accentuate its surroundings.


Whatever your design requires, our expert team of engineers can custom build a Corian® work surface to fit. Talk to us about your project requirements today or read more by downloading our Corian® brochures.

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