Quality vs cheap solid surface countertops UK

Cheap solid surface countertops UK – what you need to know

Solid surface countertops come in a range of prices to suit different budgets. You pay more for the premium brands and there are differences in the finishes achieved and the warranty you receive.

Having said this, the differences are subtle and the nature of solid surface countertops means they are durable and long lasting. The difference in quality typically comes from the build of a solid surface countertop – i.e. how well it’s been templated, fabricated, and fitted.

Less expensive solid surface countertops and premium brands alike should be cut and fabricated in a factory using industrial precision machinery. Using hand saws on a solid surface damages the fibres and strength of the finished surface.

Every solid surface countertop should be fabricated by specialist solid surface engineers and installed by a trained fitter. If not, the manufacturer’s warranty is invalid.

Quality vs cheap solid surface countertops UK – the difference

Choice in finishes and colours – the manufacturers of premium brand solid surface materials, such as Du Pont Corian®, release new colours and finishes annually, meaning there is often more choice and lots of contemporary styles to choose from.

Extended manufacturer’s warranties – more expensive brand solid surfaces are likely to have a longer lifespan and come with longer warranty periods to match. However, even cheap solid surface countertops are likely to outlive a kitchen with the right care.

Well-known brand appeal – if you opt for a premium brand solid surface countertop, this can appeal to buyers when selling your home.

Cheap solid surface countertops UK – the options

It’s worth mentioning that, across the board, a solid surface countertop isn’t what would be considered ‘cheap’ compared to other options such a laminate. Whichever solid surface material you choose, you are getting a worktop that is built to last.

The affordable solid surface countertop material we would always recommend to customers is Artemis Acrylic. It has all the benefits of a premium product, but at a lower price point and shorter warranty period. It’s hardwearing and can be fabricated to fit any dimensions, in a range of colours. It represents real value for money and provides all the durability and longevity needed in domestic settings.

Would you like to find out more about Artemis Acrylic? Talk to our experts about incorporating one within your next kitchen design.

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