Solid surface commercial sinks fit for a sports stadium

What are the basics of a decent public washroom?

You’d always want it to be clean, practical and odour-free. And depending on where you were, you might even expect a washroom to be stylish and spacious too.

Solid surface commercial sinks tick all these boxes and more. Materials like Corian, Hi-MACS, Hanex and Staron are hygienic, mould resistant, easy to clean and incredibly durable. In fact, solid surfaces are so durable, that they are widely used in prisons and laboratory settings.

So, when we were approached to create the washrooms of the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, we knew we could offer an effective, hardwearing solution.

Sports stadiums have a tremendous number of visitors to cater for each year, not to mention provide top-of-the-range facilities for the athletes who train and play there. As such, they need premium standard washroom sinks and surfaces that are going to withstand heavy usage. Tottenham’s new home ground is the 2nd biggest club stadium in the UK, so this project required a significant number of sinks.

In total, we designed, fabricated and installed 164 bespoke wash trough sinks for this project. The sinks are stylish, practical and have been created to the specific dimensions of each washroom. Their seamless finish means they are easy to wipe down and keep squeaky clean.



These commercial sinks are built from Hi-MACS, which is a synthetic solid surface with several key properties…

Hi-MACS is:

  • Solid, non-porous and stain-resistant
  • Impermeable to mould and mildew
  • Extremely difficult to scratch and crack
  • Seamlessly installed
  • Protected by a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty

The wash troughs were built at our fabrication centre, from detailed templates drawn up by our design team. Once created, we worked with the other suppliers on site to install the new sinks at convenient time intervals.

The finished washrooms look sleek and practical. We’re looking forward to seeing the new stadium open when athletes, staff, visitors and fans will get a chance to use the facilities.

Want unrivalled solid surface fabrication for your next commercial washroom installation? Talk to our experts about Hi-MACS or our other solid surfaces.

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