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What can a solid surface fabrication bring to your bathroom design?

With any bathroom design, the result needs to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. And modern living often means working with compact spaces, so balancing these two components can become a challenge.

But there are materials you can work with that enable you to achieve this.

Solid surfaces such as Corian®, Krion, and Staron are being increasingly used by bathroom designers to create spaces that are at once beautiful and utilitarian.

So, what makes solid surface fabrications so suited to bathroom design?

We’ve taken a look at the top 5 features of solid surfaces that make them the ideal choice.


Staron sink

1. Efficient use of space

When it’s a choice between storage and surface space or component bathroom appliances, the appliances are always going to win. However the ability to blend your basin and surface together is incredibly efficient, helping you to make the best of whatever space is available.


Krion bath

2. Hygienic and low-maintenance

Solid surfaces and solid surface sinks and basins are non-porous, meaning there is no opportunity for bacteria or mildew to grow. They are easy to clean and offer a hygienic alternative to traditional materials.


Corian® sink

3. Seamless design

Unlike stand-alone sinks or ceramic basins, solid surface bathroom sinks can be seamlessly integrated into the surface, as well as wall mounted, to create a bespoke unit which is as much a design feature as it is useful.


Corian® sink

4. Unbeatable durability

Solid surfaces are incredibly hard wearing, the combination of acrylic and natural compounds making them impermeable all the way through. Unlike ceramics or natural stone, they are almost impossible to crack or scrape, making them a worthy investment as well as practical.


Corian® sink

5. Versatile style

The beauty of solid surfaces is that they are made entirely in your image. The shape, size, colour and texture can all be adapted to fit your brief. This makes them ideally suited for bathroom design, where you need to marry the limitations of the space with the customer’s preferences.

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