What makes solid surface kitchen islands so desirable?

Solid surface kitchen islands – the must-have feature

Kitchen islands are a sought-after feature, with 41% of newly installed UK kitchen designs including one.*

It’s not hard to see why – islands are stylish, practical and are the ideal centrepiece for any modern kitchen. Whether you’re creating a room for the family or a stylish place to entertain, kitchen islands tick all of the right boxes.

Solid surfaces kitchen islands have become a popular choice among homeowners in recent years. Here’s a quick look at what makes them so effective:

1. Design something completely unique

Solid surfaces provide complete flexibility of design and fabricators can achieve a whole host of unique-looking shapes. Take a look at this one-of-a-kind iceberg-inspired kitchen island we created:


While this might not be practical within every household, it goes to show the unique results that can be achieved.

2. Create extra space

Designers no longer need to rely on bulky kitchen units to provide island bases. Instead, solid surface materials like Corian, Hi-MACS and Hanex, provide the structure itself. This means the overall look of the design doesn’t need to be restricted to fit the space at hand.


3. Include inbuilt features

Solid surface kitchen islands are designed around the customer and how they will use the space each day. Features, like end tables, sinks and drying racks, can be seamlessly incorporated and it’s even possible to include more luxurious details, like champagne troughs and wireless charging now too!

4. Get the ideal finish

Corian and other solid surface materials come in literally hundreds of styles, from traditional charm right through to chic contemporary. With realistic finishes, like stone and Quartz effects to bold, block colours, there’s a worktop to suit all tastes.


5. Guarantee durability

Once installed, a solid surface island is the durable centrepoint of any kitchen. The stain-resistant and repairable properties of solid surfaces make them ideally suited to stand up to daily life, including cooking, cleaning, dining, working and entertaining. And with the right care, a solid surface worktop can outlive the rest of a kitchen.

(Find out more about the durability of our solid surface worktops and their warranties, in this blog ‘The dos and don’ts of caring for a Corian ® surface.’)

*2018 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study – UK

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