Solid surfaces and vanity units for hospitals and medical centres

In this time of crisis, everyone is trying to do their bit. Manufacturers are looking for ways to contribute to the efforts of our key workers, if they can, switching up regular production in response to demand from frontline services.

We were proud to be asked to supply 153 of these units for NHS hospitals including the Nightingale. Providing urgent solid surfaces and vanity units for hospitals and medical centres is one way we can help.

Vanity units for hospitals

Solid surface materials like Corian® are widely used in hospitals, medical centres and laboratories. The non-porous structure of solid surface materials makes them impermeable to germs and bacteria. In sterile medical environments, this level of hygiene is essential.


Following the request, we set about building the units for high speed turnaround. The first 25 units were ordered and collected within 2 days. The next 128 were collected within 3 days from ordering. When working on the units at our factory, safe social distancing was always practiced.

What makes solid surfaces practical for medical settings?

In addition to being non-porous, the solid make-up of synthetic surfaces like Corian® makes them resistant to stains, marks and scratches, making them easy to keep clean. They can be wiped down and disinfected easily and regularly, removing bacteria from the surface. Because they are built with seamless joins, there are fewer crevices to harbour bacteria.

Materials such as Corian® have been used within medical settings for decades because they meet the required standard of hygiene and durability. We hope to be able to supply more solid surfaces and vanity units for hospitals, wherever they are needed.

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