Spotlight on… LG Hausys’ HI-MACS™

International brand, LG Hausys, has a history of innovation when it comes to manufacturing materials. From the production of Korea’s first resin-based products back in 1952, they have gone on to produce everything from flooring vinyl to PVC windows.

HI-MACS™ is LH Hausys’ acrylic solid surface material that was first produced in 1995. Having benefitted from the company’s long track record of quality manufacturing, HI-MACS™ is now one of the leading synthetic solid surface materials on the market.

Ultimately, the benefit of using LG HI-MACS™ lies in the ability to tap into practical features like its durability and stain resistance, without having to compromise on the overall luxury of a design concept.

At Whitehall, we’ve been using HI-MACS™ for this reason for over 25 years. As a flexible alternative to traditional stone materials, many of the kitchen designers we work with enjoy the seamless, high-quality finish that can be achieved using HI-MACS™ – whatever the size of the space.

Offering more versatility than natural materials, HI-MACS™ has been used by designers and architects across the globe to accomplish many different weird and wonderful designs. Take a look at some of them is this short video:

As you can see, there’s really no limit to the way in which HI-MACS™ can be used both indoors and out. Whether it’s a retail installation, domestic kitchen surface or cladding for a six-storey building, these key features are why HI-MACS™ is so well suited:

  • It’s flexible and can be easily thermoformed into any imaginable shape
  • Sections can be joined seamlessly together for an even finish
  • It’s non-porous, meaning spills can be hygienically wiped away
  • Scratches can be polished out
  • It’s available in 60 different colours
  • HI-MACS™ structures built by approved fabricators come with a 15-year warranty
  • It’s competitively priced


In the competitive world of kitchen and bathroom design, offering a state-of-the-art material, like HI-MACS™, will help set a design apart from other businesses. Not only is this clever material a design feature in itself, but its properties are backed up by decades of manufacturing expertise, making it a worthy investment.

Thinking of using LG Hausys HI-MACS in your next kitchen design? Talk to our experts about your requirement.

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