This is how to remove scratches from Corian ® worktops

How to remove scratches from Corian ® worktops

If your Corian ® worktop has a scratch, you don’t need to panic. The beauty of a solid surface worktop is that it can be repaired easily enough.

What type of scratch is it?

The first thing to determine is how deep the scratch is. If it’s a light surface scratch, these can be repaired simply at home. Whereas deeper scratches may need a patch replacement.

  1. Surface scratch – this can be sanded away
  2. Deep scratch or crack – an engineer can replace the damaged section

How to remove scratches from Corian ® worktops (method 1)

This method applies to light surface scratches and scrapes, but will not work for cracks and deep cuts. Please always apply caution when sanding your Corian ® surfaces and don’t use any strongly abrasive products.

You will need: lightly abrasive cleaning pads, mild-abrasive cleaning liquid, cloth or sponge

  1. Wet the area where the scratch is located, before cleaning with mild-abrasive cleaning liquid and a damp sponge or cloth. Rub across the area with small circular motions until the entire area has been cleaned. This clears any film on the surface that may clog the abrasive pads.
  2. With the surface still wet, start rubbing the scratched area with a lightly abrasive cleaning pad, using only a light touch. Be careful not to press too hard as you may cause deeper scratches. Rub across the scratch using straight-line motions.
  3. Every so often, switch the direction you’re rubbing by ninety degrees. It’s also recommended to rinse the pad periodically to remove any fibre build-up. Keep going until the scratch is no longer visible.
  4. Clean your worktops with water and dry them thoroughly. Once dry, check if the sanded area blends properly. Although it might not perfectly match the rest of the worktops, it should be blended sufficiently that it’s not noticeable from afar.
  5. If needed, you can continue repeating the process with slightly harsher cloths a few more times. However, be careful that you are blending the area around the scratch properly.


How to remove scratches from Corian ® worktops (method 2)

You will need: the expertise of an engineer

This method applies to cracks, deep cuts or burns. It can only be carried out by a professional worktop fabricator and should not be tried at home.

  1. Contact your worktop or kitchen installer and find out whether they can come and assess the repair.
  2. They will need to colour match the surface.
  3. The repair is carried out by cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with a new piece.
  4. The new section of Corian ® is glued in place and then sanded to remove the visible join.

We are occasionally called upon to carry out repairs for homeowners kitchen worktops. Here are two repairs in action:

Repair 1

Repair 2

To make repairs easy, we leave customers with a patch of colour-matched Corian ® following the installation. This means they are prepared with a replacement section if an engineer is called upon to carry out a repair.

Avoiding repairs

  • Never cut or chop directly onto the surface – use a chopping board
  • Don’t place hot or heavy pans directly on your worktops
  • Keep abrasive chemicals and foods away from surfaces
  • Avoid letting boiling water come into contact with your surfaces
  • Regularly clean your worktops and carry out proper maintenance

For more advice on caring for and maintaining your Corian ® worktops, read our blog ‘The dos and don’ts of caring for a Corian ® surface.

If you’d like any more worktop advice, you can talk to our experts.

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