The best of the best: why we’re proud Corian® Quality Network members

We’re proud to be a member of the DuPont Corian® Quality Network. It not just simply a title, it means that our customers are guaranteed the highest level of quality in each and every one of our surfaces.

As a par excellence brand, DuPont Corian® are careful to ensure their product continues to be produced to its premium standard. They carefully select industrial partners who they trust to effectively utilise all the properties of Corian® for every project.

Corian® is the original solid surface developed by DuPont to allow for complete design flexibility. Built to order, Corian® surfaces can be seamlessly integrated into any space and are incredibly durable. Every solid surface also comes with a ten-year manufacturer warranty.

(More information about the benefits of Corian® can be found in our blog, ‘Offer your customers the combination of complete flexibility and unrivalled quality of Corian surface fabrications.’)

Working with a Corian® industrial partner enables you to access up-to-the-minute surface fabrication technology via a fabricator specially trained to meet your specific requirements

Our DuPont Corian® Quality Network membership means:

  • Our skills as Corian® fabricators are regularly tested and monitored by DuPont technicians
  • We receive expert training to ensure we’re consistently delivering the highest quality products

Whitehall’s Managing Director Mike Greenwood explains ‘Whitehall was the first member of the DuPont Quality Network when it was originally formed and is a founding member of DuPont’s Quality Council. Being a member means we are able to guarantee the highest quality of workmanship with every single project we deliver.’

Want to enhance your next project with leading surface fabrication technology? Talk to us about your requirements and our expert fabricators will recommend a solution.

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