Solid surface repairs as easy as 1,2,3

One of the biggest benefits of a synthetic solid surface is its reparability

Solid surface materials such as Corian ®, Hanex, Hi-MACS, Staron and Krion are extremely durable and difficult to damage, but accidents do happen. And the two most common causes of damage to a solid surface worktop are:

  1. Scratches – with very sharp, heavy or metal objects
  2. Heat – with hot pans and implements causing surface cracks

Luckily, both these issues can be repaired simply and effectively. In fact, following a professional solid surface repair, the results can be so convincing that it’s impossible to see where the surface was damaged to begin with.

Take a look at this repair for instance…

This Corian ® worktop had developed a crack that Whitehall was called upon to fix. We were able to complete the repair as, following every installation we complete, our engineers leave a patch of colour matched solid surface behind in case of situations exactly like this.

With the colour matched patch waiting in the wings, the engineer was able to remove the damaged segment of solid surface and create a new section in exactly the same material and appearance to slot into place.


Then, the new piece was glued into place to reseal the surface. Solid surfaces are impermeable to germs, grime and mildew and this is one of the features that makes them so useful in kitchen designs. When repairing a kitchen worktop, it’s important to preserve this seal.


Once the new segment has been set into place, it’s simply a case of sanding it down to finish off the process. Following a thorough sanding, the repaired patch is blended with the rest of the surface and the join is virtually impossible to spot with the naked eye.


The repair is complete!

Effective repair jobs leave solid surface worktops like new, making them a worthy investment in the overall lifespan of a kitchen. And while these materials have been designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear of daily life, their reparability provides added piece of mind for those who choose to include one in their design.

Would you like to talk to the Whitehall team about an upcoming project? Or perhaps you have a repair you’d like to discuss? Get in touch today via email on or call 0113 222 3000.

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