A premium acrylic solid surface, Hanex offers all the benefits of unrivalled performance and design flexibility while also being a more affordable option.

With the impressive ability to be cut, shaped, moulded, routed, and thermoformed into three-dimensional shapes, Hanex can be used to transform any project – domestic or commercial.  Featuring an inspiring range of 100 colours, including classic favourites, terrazzo effects, and neutral options with pearlescent particles, the beauty of Hanex is in crafting your own bespoke solution.

The appeal of its flexibility and design scope is matched by the durable, hygienic qualities of Hanex, which is resistant to moisture, pollutants and bacteria.  Easy to maintain and therefore set to look its very best for many years to come, the premium material is ideal for use in a huge range of applications.  Whether creating a serviceable office worksurface, a contemporary hotel bathroom, or a stylish luxury bar, Hanex will help you realise your project’s true potential.

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Hanex Solid Surface Brochure
Hanex Fabrication Manual

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