kitchen work surface fabrication

5 things your work surface should add to your kitchen design

With modern kitchens, the work surface is an increasingly important feature. It’s like the icing on the cake and can make or break your design.

What surface fabrication you use is going to either add or detract from the overall design, so to guarantee maximum impact for your customer, you need a work surface material that ticks all the boxes.

Here are our 5 criteria for making sure your kitchen work surface material adds value to your design:

1. It blends seamlessly with the rest of the design

When you’ve got multiple elements of the design to contend with, the last thing you want is a surface material that hinders what you can achieve.

All of our work surfaces are bespoke and are hand-fabricated in our Leeds based workshop. Using market-leading materials like Corian® enables us to create seamless curves and clear-cut angles that are purpose built to fit even the most challenging designs.

kitchen work surface fabrication

2. It’s practical in more ways than one

Accommodating features like sinks, drainer grooves and hob bars not only adds to the elegance of your design but makes is all the more functional.

Our Corian® solid surfaces enable you to achieve these contemporary features, simultaneously adding both style and practicality.

kitchen work surface fabrication

3. It has stunning visual appeal

The versatility of our kitchen surfaces means they can be matched with any design. From shabby chic to sleek contemporary, the huge range of colours and patterns available give your customer the opportunity to select their perfect blend.

View the colours of our kitchen work surfaces.

kitchen work surface fabrication

4. It provides real value for money

Our surfaces are crafted from the best quality materials and are made to measure down to the last millimetre. As founding members of the DuPont Corian® Quality Network we guarantee the highest quality of workmanship with every single project.

(Read the blog to find out more about what it means to be a DuPont Corian® Quality Network member)

kitchen work surface fabrication

5. It is built to last

The smooth and impermeable finish of our Corian® work surfaces is resistant to stains and scratches are easily removed, making them extremely hygienic and durable.

Not only that, but all Corian® work surfaces fabricated and installed by our technicians come with a 10-year warranty from DuPont, guaranteeing your customers’ work surface will last as long as the rest of their kitchen.

kitchen work surface fabrication

Want to enhance your next kitchen design with leading surface fabrication technology? Talk to us about your requirements and our expert fabricators will recommend a solution.

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