Trough sinks in the bathroom – the trend for 2019

Trough sinks in the bathroom – the surprising trend for 2019

What is a trough sink?

Although the name may not sound hugely appealing, trough sinks are actually a stylish and practical addition to modern bathrooms. They are large, rectangular sink basins that feature duel or multiple wash stations.

These basins can be placed on a bathroom unit or be wall-mounted and used to create a functional centrepiece within domestic bathrooms and commercial washrooms. Because it’s possible to include multiple wash stations over one basin, trough sinks are incredibly space-efficient too.

What makes them popular?

Trough sinks have long been favoured by commercial washroom designers due to the ease of installing one basin, which is also more economical. In the long run, cleaning and maintaining one basin is also much easier than multiple individual sinks.

You can find wash troughs in all sorts of public places, from hotels and restaurants, to shopping centres, schools and sports stadiums.

People want their bathroom to be functional and hardwearing, but they also want to enjoy their experience getting ready each day. Many of us seek hotel-style elegance packaged up to fit the average home. And this is exactly what duel sink stations provide.

Equally, the design of duel trough sinks has been refined over the years, making them more streamlined and attractive and tapping into industrial-inspired design trends. This has helped trough sinks transition from practical feature to style statements worthy of any domestic bathroom.

Why have a trough sink in a domestic bathroom?

As previously stated, the main reason for choosing a trough sink in the home is the practicalities of the design, combined with the overall look. In an article for Forbes, contributor Sheri Koones writes:

“The advantages to using trough sinks in the bathroom include easier plumbing, with only a need for a single drain and aesthetics of a single unit. Trough sinks also take up less space in a small bathroom, where two people will want to use a basin at the same time.”

For customers who may not have the room for a full vanity area, a trough sink can provide the functionality of dual sinks, but with a more compact and unique design. They’re a clever solution for bathrooms where space is at a minimum and multiple people need to use the space at any given time.

How are trough sinks for the bathroom made?

Traditional trough sinks would have been made of stone or wood, and later on, ceramic. You can now find them in all kinds of materials, from concrete and metal to marble and porcelain. This means there’s a sink suited to almost any scheme and every home.

For large bathrooms or commercial public washrooms, a custom-built wash trough is often the best option. Solid surfaces are an ideal choice for this, as they possess all the durability of stone, but remain cost effective and easier to work with.

They can also be designed to the exact size and shape you need, whether this is for a compact domestic wash station or huge commercial fit-out. Take a look at this huge block trough, for instance, which has been fabricated using Corian® and includes custom curved ends.

It’s built to exactly the dimensions and finish specified by the designers, but will be more cost-effective and quicker to install than several individual sinks.

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