What to expect from your commercial wash basin supplier

Your commercial wash basin supplier – What to expect

Finding a commercial wash basin supplier is easy – a quick search and you’ve got a variety to choose from. But, finding a commercial wash basin supplier that delivers what they say they can, first time around, is a bit trickier.

With over 30 years’ experience building solid surface wash basins, surfaces, and structures for large scale commercial developments, we understand how to make things easier for our customers.

Here’s what to look for when choosing your commercial wash basin supplier:

1. Proven track record

When you need to know a company can deliver, ask them to show you they can. For instance, we recently completed a project building 153 solid surface vanity units for NHS Nightingale Hospitals. With extreme urgency, we turned the units around within a matter of days from the order.


Equally, check your suppliers know how to work around changing timeframes and other suppliers on very large projects. For us, creating 164 bespoke wash troughs for the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium demonstrated how our processes are adaptable to projects with many moving parts.

2. Accurate quote and build from your plans

In some instances, particularly domestic projects, the survey and template method is best. The opposite is true of many commercial developments, and often isn’t even a possibility. For suppliers, this means their ability to precision build from plans must leave no room for error.

Look for a commercial wash basin supplier who assesses your plans before providing a clear quotation and timeframes. This indicates they are experienced and have the correct equipment, e.g. CNC precision cutting machines, to handle large orders with ease, speed and total accuracy.

Man working on solid stone sink trough

3. Array of materials

When you’re managing costs, you don’t want to be presented with one flat price that doesn’t fit. It’s a good idea to approach a commercial wash basin supplier who fabricates a selection of solid surface materials at different price points.

We’re Du Pont Corian Quality Network Partners and experts at working with this premium product. But we also fabricate other solid surface materials, including HI-MACS, Krion, Staron and our own material, Artemis. They are all priced separately and come with their own benefits.

4. Installation guidance and prep

Most of our commercial clients choose to have units delivered or they collect them. As part of this, we prepare the commercial wash basins to be installed with ease on site.

This means preparing for fixture placement and pipework and making sure the fitters have clear instructions and installation guidance that match up with plans. It’s this level of detail and planning that sets experienced and reliable commercial wash basin supplier apart from the rest.


5. An operation built for large orders

You might not need all the units in one go, and you may even want to stagger the delivery to when it fits with your project deadline. But, either way, the decision should be yours to make.

Working with supplier who can turnaround hundreds of units in a matter of days is the best choice. Backstopped by industrial equipment and efficient factory processes, solid surface fabrication specialists are ideally equipped for the manufacture of wash basins, wash troughs and bespoke bathroom units of any kind.

Check out our blog ‘Solid surface fabrication hacks – in action’ to see some of the processes in action.

We hope this has given you an insight into what makes a relied upon commercial wash basin supplier. If you have any upcoming projects, get in touch to discuss them with our team.

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